S a r a h D o l i v e r

This is Mimi.

She is my mom’s mother, and is as beautiful today as she was in 1947 when she married her husband, my Papa, my mother’s father.  

This photo hangs on my wall, near my desk for many reasons, but one is to remind me of the why.

It’s true. Your wedding is a day you’ll remember forever. It is about love, celebration, tradition, and the people closest to you, witnessing your commitment to a future with the one you love.

It’s that simple.

What your wedding isn’t about is all the other stuff. It’s not even (gasp!) about the wedding photos. It’s about the emotional moments that result from the significance the day inherently carries – both for you and the people around you. I often hear “we’re doing this or that, because it will make a good photo.”


Yes, light is important. Yes, allowing time and space for photos to happen is important, but what matter most is that the day is filled to the brim with true, honest, unbridled emotion.  What matters is that you are present in those moments as I capture them.  

I doubt my grandmother was thinking about anything else than marrying my Papa when the shutter clicked this photo into existence, and that is why it is hanging in my home nearly 70 years later.  Not because I like her flowers, or because the background is nice, but because of what it represents - a relationship and a commitment that is worthy of remembering every day.  

And that's the why.

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