S a r a h D o l i v e r

I'm Sarah: a hopeful gardener, happy cook, and ladylike entrepreneur who cares about people over profit, and nurture over nature. I'm often heard saying things like, “let’s play outside today!” and “isn’t this fun?” and I am most happy when listening to oldies on full blast.Through the lens, I see tenderness and humor, infused with dreamlike whimsy.

I know I'm not alone when I say that this work comes from my heart. I care about the people in these wedding photos. I care about their families. I care about their marriage. I care about how much they enjoy their wedding day, and how they will remember it. I'm the proud recipient of their birth announcements and holiday cards, and have even spent Christmas with them.  I can't look at the calendar without seeing the anniversary dates of the 400+ brides and grooms I've had the pleasure of photographing over the last eight years, each as monumental as the last.   Being part of such an important day would bring anyone closer, but being the photographer, so present and finely tuned in to your most honest and vulnerable moments... that breeds a different kind of closeness, even if for just that single day.  

So here I am. I'm Sarah, your new best friend for at least one day in your life.

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